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Eliminate The Lenz Faraday Effect

Universal Clean Energy

Energy Transition

Broaden Energy Access

Enables Decarbonization

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Renewable Energy

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Decentralized Energy Solutions

Remote Community Access

Advanced Harvesting

Ultra High Frequencies

Oscillating Dipole Principles

Enables Scalable Solutions

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Improved Capacity & Duration

Unique shape & movement of the coils provide additional speed & power output of the circuit. This delays the discharge of the battery, and increases the capacity of the battery.

The Uroboros system increases the yield of the battery by upto 380%

Battery Design

Battery Design

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    Uroboros DEMO


    Uroboros is working on a revolutionary battery Technology. In this demo we look at the functionality of a battery in a a traditional set up against the Uroboros set up. With this new technology the yield of the battery was increased by 380% in this scalable demo

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Scalable Energy Solutions

Power consumption continues to plague technological advancement. Our technology returns power back to the people. Safe renewable energy and cheap electricity for everyone.

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